Concern over ‘sugar daddy’ student site

MSP’s have called for an investigation into a website which introduces Scottish cash-strapped female students to “sugar daddies” in an effort to help them cover university costs.

The website revealed yesterday that the University of Edinburgh is the latest Scottish university to make it on to their annual “Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools” in the UK.

It said there had been a 222 per cent increase in female student sign-ups from the university since April 2012, putting it in eighth place with 148 new members in the UK league table.

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The SeekingArrangement website claims the average “college Sugar Baby” receives approximately £5000 per month to cover the cost of tuition, books and living expenses.

The site describes “sugar daddy dating” as a “mutually beneficial arrangement” between “seekers and finders” where the “sugar babies” state the amount of money they expect to earn from the relationship and the “sugar daddies” state their budget. But both Labour and Tory politicians in Scotland have expressed concern over the site.