Comedy review: Pegabovine: Polite Club


THIS year's Pegabovine offering comes in the shape of young Davis Wateracre exploring the often hard-to-navigate world of manners with the those trusty old tools of the trade: comic songs, sketches and audience interaction. By far the best elements of his show are the songs, which hit a beguiling balance between parody and fresh observation. One number, which juxtaposes supposedly soothing, gentle lyrics with a murderous vocal style reminiscent of Nick Cave at his most furious, provides a very special moment and lots of laughs, and gives a tantalising taste of Wateracre's potential.

The talky bits are somewhat less successful, partly because he simply doesn't fully exploit the rich subject matter he's chosen for the show. Furthermore, relying on audience participation during the notoriously sober lunchtime slot is a brave undertaking. Nevertheless, the weaker moments are quickly overridden by the top-quality musical material, and the combination of structural pace and the confidence of a natural performer keeps things moving along swiftly.

• Until 25 August. Today 1:30pm.

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