Comedy review: Josh Howie - Chosen


IN EDINBURGH in August, one tends to expect the unexpected, but no-one expects a Jewish erstwhile Buddhist and rabbinical trainee called Black Crow telling stories about orgasming in a hot tub with his naked mother.

This is Josh Howie's first full show. As a piece of writing it is quite literally breathtaking, including, as it does, probably the most hardcore Jewish jokes you will ever hear. As well as a couple of the silliest. Some of this is terrifyingly funny.

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If you think the idea of using the Holocaust as a way of getting women into bed is unacceptable, perhaps you should pay the 7,000 to see Doug Stanhope. Much of his material is milder than some of Josh's. Jew-curious women, arts and crafts in religion, Islam, competitive suffering and hip-hop are all here.

Howie is a charming, diffident, articulate man with a show that is as fascinating as it is funny. But he is playing with real firepower here, and needs to have the confidence of his material.

His slightly nervy, fraught performance undermines the writing. But he has nothing to be fraught or nervy about. He is a terrific talent.

• Until 24 August. Today 9:45pm