Colonsay cop faces investigation after resignation

Colonsay's constable resigns after row with neighbour. Picture: ContributedColonsay's constable resigns after row with neighbour. Picture: Contributed
Colonsay's constable resigns after row with neighbour. Picture: Contributed
A SPECIAL constable on a tiny Scottish island resigned after just two months following a row with her neighbour over noise from a power tool, it has been revealed.

Police Scotland have confirmed they are investigating a formal complaint against Yasmin Milburn, who became Colonsay’s only police officer in June this year. Her neighbour alleges Ms Milburn threatened to arrest him unless he stopped using an angle grinder.

David Guest claims the former PC “marched” on to his property and threatened to charge him under noise pollution laws.

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Ms Milburn hit the headlines in late June when it emerged she was investigating the first serious crime on the island for years – the slashing of tyres on her partner’s car.

Ms Milburn, who runs a successful business on the island, confirmed last week that she had stepped down as a special constable but declined to comment further. But Police Scotland have confirmed they are examining a formal complaint against Ms Milburn.

Mr Guest, 65, a retired chartered engineer, said in a written statement to Police Scotland: “I had been working for ten minutes in the garden on Friday [August 2] around 9pm and they, Yasmin and her partner, Trevor, have a balcony and can see into our garden.

“I had 4 or 5 blasts on an angle grinder to cut corners of stones for our garden. I suddenly became aware of her marching onto my property towards me. She wasn’t in her uniform.

“She said to me, I’ve had a couple of calls complaining about the noise from a saw.

“She then said that if I didn’t stop she would charge me under section 51 of the noise pollution act. I was a bit suspicious so I had a look online and no such act exists.”

Mr Guest said he began working with his angle grinder the next day and Ms Milburn appeared in uniform.

Mr Guest said in his statement: “She said ‘David, we’ve got to get this sorted. I’ve had a couple of calls the other night and another tonight.’

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“She was attempting to be intimidating, saying these things whilst standing quite close to me.”

Mr Guest said yesterday: “In my opinion she exceeded her authority.”

Another islander, who asked not to be named, said Ms Milburn had ruffled feathers by acting on her own initiative.

“She would stand at the ferry and look at every car to see if people were wearing their seatbelts,” he said.

Ms Milburn declined to comment except to say: “I resigned because it’s having a major impact on my life.”

Ms Milburn had been investigating an attack on her partner’s car. Trevor Crowe, 59, was involved in a row with drinkers at a hotel after which all four tyres on his Land Rover were slashed.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Yasmin Milburn is no longer a serving special constable with Police Scotland.

“We can confirm we have received a complaint.”