Closer monitoring of sex offenders under new 24-hour surveillance plan

SEX offenders could be tracked via GPS when released back in the community if new government plans are successful.

With a pilot scheme scheduled to start in April next year, the new measures would see those convicted of sexual offences and crimes against children wearing an ankle tag that would be traced by satellite.

This would allow police to monitor offenders if they entered “no-go areas” such as schools, playgrounds or the addresses of victims.

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The details of the proposed tagging system are unknown, but it is reported that it will involve both high and low-risk offenders from across the country.

The move coincides with an internal investigation by the Scottish Liberal Democrats amid concern that a sex offender, who befriended a couple with two young children, made false claims about his role in the party.

A Motherwell couple were warned by North Lanarkshire Council that the individual, who had become a close friend, posed a “grave threat” to their children.

The move would also mean criminals such as Da Vinci rapist Robert Greens, who has threatened repeat attacks, would be under 24-hour surveillance.

A Scottish government spokeswoman said: “We are tendering for a contract which will have GPS tagging capapbility.”