Churches anger at plan to turn Xmas in to Sexmas

CHURCHES have hit out at a Government plan to change Xmas into Sexmas for a safe sex campaign over the holidays.

The 100,000 Scottish Government campaign "Sexmas Survival Guide" has angered the Church of Scotland and the Catholic Church, who also disapprove of the website's innuendo-laden approach to discussing sex.

Rev Alan Falconer of the Kirk's St Machar Cathedral in Aberdeen said: "This would not be appropriate at all. This detracts from the festival for it to be classified in this way."

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John Deighan, the parliamentary officer for the Catholic Church, said: "The advice should be more respectful. Using the word Christmas like that is symptomatic of a whole philosophy that undermines their safe-sex strategy.

"They don't show enough delicacy of language and they don't show enough respect."