Christmas crime crackdown to keep people safe

Police in East Dunbartonshire have issued a warning to domestic abuse offenders as they launch their Christmas campaign this year to keep people safe.

Chief Inspector Gerry Corrigan, the Area Commander for East Dunbartonshire, stressed there will be zero tolerance on this type of behaviour, which often has its roots in over-indulgence of alcohol during the festive season.

He said: “If you’re found to be involved in any such offence you may be arrested.”

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Chief Inspector Corrigan was speaking as his officers have been out and about on local streets giving safety and crime prevention advice.

Police are also targeting retail crime throughout the area, including Strathkelvin Retail Park and undertaking high-visibility patrols to deter criminals.

Drink drivers will also be a focus of the campaign. With the party season almost in full swing, the message is: “If you are going to drink, leave your car at home.”

The chief inspector said: “Christmas is a lovely time of year for communities in East Dunbartonshire. It is also a very busy time for police and our other emergency service partners.

“Lots of people will be out doing their Christmas shopping, enjoying parties both in East Dunbartonshire and in the city centre. We will be providing regular information on how people can keep themselves safe and officers will be out targeting the crimes associated with the festive period.

“It also important that our communities make sure they keep themselves safe by considering their personal safety, security of their homes and vehicles. In particular, do not leave gifts in cars - they are an easy target for thieves.

“We would also advise everyone not to over-indulge in alcohol as we all know the role it has in certain crimes inolving violence, disorder and domestic abuse. Remember, if you’re found to be involved in any such offence you may be arrested.

“We all know drink/drug driving is socially unacceptable. However, some drivers continue to do so. Officers will be carrying out high visibility road patrols and static road checks to detect offenders. There is often much confusion out there about limits, so the message is clear – if you’re not sure then don’t drive.”

Ewan Henderson, the communities’ Inspector for East Dunbartonshire, also offered advice to people heading out.

He said: “Make sure you plan ahead for your night out; stay together and look out for friends, keep bags and valuables with you at all times and don’t leave drinks unattended. Also, make sure your phone is charged, you have money to get home and look after your keys. Use a licensed taxi, public transport or arrange a lift.”