Chimps cross that bridge when they get to it

CHIMPANZEES at a wildlife park saw their horizons expand yesterday with the opening of an £80,000 bridge linking different parts of their enclosure.

The six-tonne steel structure at Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling, spans 40 metres of water to link the chimp house on the mainland with their island.

It is thought the bridge is the first in the world to take chimps across water.

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Bananas and tangerines were laid on the walkway to tempt the first three animals over, and they were rewarded with a chocolate Easter egg when they reached the other side.

Previously, the chimps spent the summer season roaming free on the island, returning to the chimp house in the winter.

From now on, they will spend every day on the island, when weather permits, returning to the chimp house at night when it is dinner time.