Gregory finally gets his girl

TWO decades ago he captured the nation’s heart with his portrayal of a gangly football-mad teenager struggling to score with the girl of his dreams.

Yesterday 42-year-old Scots actor John Gordon Sinclair, who played the angst-ridden Eighties adolescent Gregory, finally got his girl when he married into one of Scotland’s leading business families.

Sinclair, who played the starring role in 1981 coming-of-age classic Gregory’s Girl, wed Shauna McKeon, 36, whose family own Remnant Kings, Scotland’s largest independent fabric retailer.

Romance blossomed after the pair were introduced by Clare Grogan, who played the schoolgirl Susan who Gregory ends up with in the film after failing to win the affections of her friend, football-obsessed Dorothy (Dee Hepburn).

Guests at the lavish ceremony at Glasgow’s St Andrew’s Cathedral included the actor’s showbusiness friends Grogan and actress Amanda Holden along with leading members of Scotland’s commercial community.

The bride, who is a GP, was until yesterday the only unmarried daughter of the late Francis McKeon and his wife Teresa.