Celebrating 30 years of twinning between Girvan and Torcy

South Ayrshire Provost has highlighted Girvan's 30 years of twinning with Torcy in northern France, during which important friendships have developed between residents of the two towns.

Provost Moonieduring a visit to Torcy in 2013 was greeted by Mayor Guillaume Le Lay-Felzine and members of the Torcy town twinning association.

In a speech congratulating the twinning association on their 30 year milestone, Provost Moonie talked about the regular exchange visits and sporting competitions which have brought the towns together.

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Town twinning developed, as a consequence of World War II, in 1947. It was intended to foster friendship and understanding between different cultures as an act of peace and reconciliation and to encourage culturing understanding, trade and tourism and Girvan and Torcy have been a good example of how this can succeed.