Car smashed in row over late-night music

A MAN deprived of sleep vandalised a house and a car when antisocial neighbours played loud music in the early hours of the morning.

Derek Livingstone had asked them to switch the sound off because it was keeping him awake at 1am. But he was met with a barrage of foul-mouthed abuse and rude gestures, a court heard yesterday.

So Livingstone took his revenge by smashing windows in the party house and vandalising the roof of the householder's Mazda car.

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Prosecutor Julia McLaren told Livingston Sheriff Court that he caused an estimated 1400 of damage.

Livingstone, 58, appeared from custody at Livingston Sheriff Court and pleaded guilty to two charges of vandalism. He admitted smashing windows in a house in Sutherland Way, Livingston, and damaging a car in the same street on Sunday night.

Darryl Lovie, defending, said his client had 106 days of an unexpired prison sentence to serve and was on probation for similar offences.

Sheriff Martin Edington sent Livingstone back to prison and added an extra 30 days to the end of his sentence. He told the accused: "You have an appalling record and, although there may have been an initial disturbance created by the other people, this was no way to go about resolving the problem."