Capital's Jews praise German kosher baker

THE city's Jewish community have praised a German baker for producing kosher food for one of the faith's weekly traditions.

Since Edinburgh's last kosher bakery closed on East Cross Causeway over a year ago, Edinburgh Jews have been forced to either produce their own kosher bread or visit the nearest bakery in Manchester.

However, thanks to Bruntsfield baker Falko Burkert, who has worked with local Rabbi David Rose, they are now able to enjoy the traditional Jewish plaited loaf "challah" - which forms the centrepiece of the shabbat dinner, consumed every Friday evening.

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Not only do certain ingredient requirements have to be met in order for the bread to qualify as kosher, but the oven has to be lit by a Jew, so every Friday morning a member of the community goes to the Falko Combitormeister to ignite the oven.

Jewish woman Stephanie Brickman, who works at Edinburgh University, praised the baker for his help.

She said: "As a working mother with a kosher kitchen and a three-year-old I can say what a relief it is to not have to bake challah every Friday.

"Although it can be fun once in a while, Falko's is much better than mine and he has done the Jewish Community here such a good turn."

Mr Burkert added: "It's fun for me to learn something new and I'm happy to help them in any way I can."