Can you rehome these adorable bunnies?

An appeal has gone out to Fifers to help find homes for six rabbits who are in the care of the Scottish SPCA.

Belle and Hetty. Picture: SSPCA
Belle and Hetty. Picture: SSPCA

Scotland’s Animal Welfare Charity is appealing for rabbit lovers who have room in their homes and hearts for bunny companions.

There are currently six rabbits with one pair to be rehomed together so there are five individual homes needed.

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Elliot Hay, manager of the centre said: “We are really keen to get these rabbits rehomed.

Hazel. Picture: SSPCA

“Belle and Hetty come as a pair, they are between seven and eight months old and are gorgeous, inquisitive girls.

“The rest of the rabbits can be housed individually.

“Fiver, Pipkin, Blackberry and Hazel are all five months old and would benefit from owners who can continue their handling and build their confidence.

“Rabbits are social animals and if they are housed without a friend then any potential new owner will need to spend lots of time with them as they can get lonely.

“If you’re interested in any of these rabbits, please phone the centre on 03000 999 999 to find out more.”

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