Burntisland residents rally in support of town

Residents in Burntisland have been lining up to sing their town's praises after a recent spate of bad publicity.

Burntisland supporters, including police, councillors and residents. Pic by George McLuskie.
Burntisland supporters, including police, councillors and residents. Pic by George McLuskie.

Reports of gangs of youths causing chaos and attacking people in the streets, coupled with stories of antisocial neighbours abusing locals have cast the seaside town in a bad light in recent months.

But dozens of local residents have taken to social media to voice their love for their home town, and they are calling on people not to let a tiny minority spoil it for the vast majority of law abiding citizens who are very proud of where they live.

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And many have added their support, listing the things about Burntisland that they love to a post on the town’s Facebook page.

Police officers overseeing the town say that there has been no major rise in the number of incidents reported to them. However they acknowledge that because they were filmed and posted online, they have been more high profile and reached more people. Officers will continue to patrol problem areas.

Scott Sweaton, the town’s Community Award Winner, told the Press: “I love the Links, the beach, our pipe band, our views, the Binn, our golf club, our High Street, all our community groups, the shows, the Highland Games, Civic Week, FAB (obviously), the Beacon, the dive centre, all our parks, the coastal path, the school but overall our community spirit.”

Margaret Gibb added: “We moved to Burntisland from Edinburgh as a young couple with two small children 46 years ago, it was the best move we ever made. I could never imagine living anywhere else now.”

Marjorie Gaul said: “I spent a short time yesterday just watching the high tide. Beautiful. Also attended the Christian Aid coffee morning. Good fellowship there. And enjoyed using our local shops too.”

And Hazel Sorbie added: “I love driving home from work coming down the Cowdenbeath road. No view like it especially on a sunny day.”

Marilyn Taylor said: “We moved here two years ago and love the friendliness and community spirit this town shows. Great place to live.”

Iain Ralph, chairman of the Central Burntisland Tenants and Residents Association, said: “Antisocial behaviour has been going on for years but it doesn’t detract from the fact that this is a great place to live.

“We’re trying a number of things to reduce it and getting voluntary organisations on board to help. There’s definitely great community spirit around.”