Buffalo escapes Fife farm and goes on the run

Buffalos at Stevie Mitchells Buffalo Farm, in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Picture: Centre Press.Buffalos at Stevie Mitchells Buffalo Farm, in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Picture: Centre Press.
Buffalos at Stevie Mitchells Buffalo Farm, in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Picture: Centre Press.
Farmers of a buffalo - destined for the frying pan - are appealing for help after the beast jumped a fence and went on the run.

Staff at Scotland’s largest buffalo farm are offering up a free Christmas dinner to anyone that can help find the one-year-old buffalo after it escaped on Saturday.

There is growing concern for the 400kg animal which jumped a gate during a routine weighing and spooked itself when it fell down the bank on the other side.

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Stevie Mitchell, owner of Buffalo Farm, in Kirkcaldy, Fife, said he is “absolutely petrified” for the animal which he thinks might have fallen down a steep banking.

He said: “The buffalo just fled off, and with the heavy frost and snow it has been hard to track him because we can’t see any footprints.”

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Groom-to-be Stevie even had to make the unpopular decision to not drink at his own stag do on Saturday, in case he had to help rescue the animal

The 37-year-old thinks the beast has run into thick woods nearby but is “astounded” no one has seen it since the weekend.

“It was my stag night on Saturday but I didn’t drink because I was so convinced that it would appear, but that call never came.

“I don’t think it’s a danger to anyone, it’ll be more scared than they will, and will run in the opposite direction”, he said.

“It’ll be wandering looking for company.

“But the danger is he ends up on the main road or the motorway which is not too far away.

“That’s what I am nervous about because it will be hard for drivers to see a black buffalo on the road in the dark.”

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And there is a turkey on offer for anyone who can help find the missing buffalo.

Anyone who can help is urged to call the Buffalo Farm on 01592 646252.

Stevie has made police aware of the missing buffalo.

He said: “I’ve notified the police and been round all the local farmers and no one’s seen anything.”

A police spokeswoman confirmed the farmer has reported the missing animal, but said officers had not been made aware of any sightings or incidents involving the buffalo.

Stevie said the animals usually go to slaughter when they are about two years old.

The missing buffalo is just over one year old.

Stevie has been running the business for 12 years and has around 400 buffalos on the farm.

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