Brian Donohoe’s f-word goodbye to constituents

AN ex-Scottish Labour MP who lost his seat in last week’s election rout says he’s relieved he can now tell his former constituents to “f*** off.”

Former Scottish Labour MP Brian Donohoe. Picture: YouTube
Former Scottish Labour MP Brian Donohoe. Picture: YouTube

Brian Donohoe made the comments in an an interview after losing his Central Ayrshire seat to Philippa Whitford of the SNP by a majority of more than 13,000.

The 66-year-old said he was “disappointed” at the results after a 23-year stint in the Commons.

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He told the Irvine Times today: “I’m of an age where I can now turn round with the greatest delight and tell people to ‘f*** off’ which I haven’t been able to do for a hell of a long time in both my trade union life and also in this one.

“You have to take all sorts coming through the door and be kind, considerate and generous with your time and sometimes you wonder why.

“But at the end of it you’re there and I’ve always made the pledge as an MP that I wasn’t just there to represent the people who voted for me, I was there to help.”

Mr Donohoe said he had a “fantastic team” during his time in the Commons and was sorry it is being broken up.”

He added: “The people will have to live with what they’ve done. That’s the nature of the beast as far as politics is concerned, it’s a rough game and not many people outside it realise just how rough it is.”