Brave Auchtertool youngster Milo on top form after kidney transplant

A brave youngster from Auchtertool is recovering in hospital after receiving a new kidney from his mum.

Milo enjoys his first banana

Milo Carter (8), received his kidney from his mum Sarah in a lifesaving 11-hour operation at the Queen Elizabeth Children’s Hospital in Glasgow last week.

And his delighted mum says he has taken it all in his stride.

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Milo suffered heart failure when he was three days old and underwent a nine-hour operation to save his life.

Milo on his first walk after his transplant

He was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in his kidneys when he was just 3 years old. It then spread to his lungs and liver.

He had intensive chemo but eventually lost his kidneys and has been on a restricted diet ever since, not able to eat processed foods, dairy products, fruit, vegetables or crisps.

Dad Kevin, 39, was in line to donate but following a mix up Sarah was all too happy to step in.

Speaking to the Press as she took Milo on his first walk outdoors a week after the transplant, she said: “When it’s your child you just don’t think twice.

“In fact Kevin and I were both desperate to give Milo a kidney. They don’t last indefinitely, so maybe in about 15 years time Kevin can give him one of his.”

And she said that they had known he would require a transplant for the last two years.

“Milo underwent around 18 months of chemo and radiotherapy after he was diagnosed and he lost one of his kidneys and part of his second.

“The cancer came back a year later and he needed a stem cell transplant. After that treatment he had an operation to remove his second kidney to remove the risk of the cancer coming back.

“Then we had to wait two years before he could have a transplant because of the immuno-suppressant drugs he had to have for that.

“We have been coming to Glasgow for Milo’s dialysis four times a week for that time, so it is really a home from home for us.”

She says that what the family, including Milo’s brother Noah (6), is most looking forward to is having a short holiday when everyone is fully recovered.

“We have never managed to get away for more than a night at a time, so we are planning a short break not too far away.

“Everyone in Auchtertool has been wonderful and I can’t thank my friends and family enough for looking after Noah and helping us with fundraising and much more.

“The school too has been fantastic and has given me work for Milo to do when he is in hospital. I’ve been playing teacher, but I’m not very good at it, so I’m looking forward to him being able to go to school properly again.”

At the Kingdom FM Local Hero awards in Glenrothes last week Milo received an award for Child of Achievement.

It was collected by his grandmother and grandfather Marion and Robert Macfarlane on his behalf.

They said: “It’s been a traumatic week – more than a little stressful.

“Milo got a kidney from our daughter – his mum, and first results are that everything is working well.”

Sarah added that, other than a few hiccups caused by his medication, Milo has been recovering well.

“He has loved being able to eat bananas and drink lots of fluids which he was also very restricted on before.

“We are just having our first short walk outside which we are enjoying.

“It could be some weeks yet before he is allowed home.

“We are planning for six weeks, and anything less will be a bonus.

“The surgeons, doctors and nurses have been absolutely fantastic and they really care for the children and go above and beyond for them all.

“We can’t thank them enough.”