Boy wins fight to post football clips online

A SCHOOLBOY threatened with a £5,000 fine for posting football match clips on YouTube will resume filming.

David Smith, 16, faced legal action from Highland League chiefs for putting footage of his local team, Buckie Thistle, on the internet.

Following talks between both sides, the teenager has been told he can carry on filming.

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The Buckie High School pupil had been posting film of his team, who are currently top of the league, on the web for the last two years, allowing fans abroad to follow the team's progress.

But he was ordered to stop last month when Highland League secretary John Grant warned he was infringing copyright and faced a 5,000 fine for royalties.

League chairman Eddie Innes said yesterday there had been a "frank and honest" exchange between both sides over the issue.

Officials are now drawing up policies to authorise the recording of Highland League games.

Mr Innes added: "It was agreed we will not be stopping David from recording Buckie Thistle games with the caveat that he will have to put on his recording that it is not an approved Scottish Highland Football League video."

A delighted David said yesterday: "I have been filming for two years and no-one had ever said anything until last month.

"I would love to think that later this season we will see Buckie Thistle's first title triumph for 52 years – now that really would be something worth recording."