Bo'ness turbine '˜would be higher than the Kelpies'

Friends of Kinneil in Bo'ness are currently highlighting a planning bid to site a 23.7 metre high wind turbine on land close to Kinneil Wood.

The wider area has several notable historic features, including Roman remains and Kinneil House itself, and this element will be considered in planning deliberations.

Friends of Kinneil, commenting on social media, say: “The proposed turbine would be more than 31 metres to tip - that’s taller than the Kelpies”.

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The group does not express an opinion on the scheme in its social media post, but has noted the planning application for public interest - it is

The developers say they have given “the utmost consideration” to the fact the site, at Woodhead Farm, is close to the Antonine Wall, and argue vegetation and the lie of the land mean the turbine would be obscured from large sections of the wall route.

If approved, the turbine would be on site for 25 years before being decommissioned.

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