'Big Mags' Haney's daughter jailed after failing to prove pregnancy

THE daughter of infamous crime matriarch, Margaret "Big Mags" Haney has been sent to prison - to make sure she takes a pregnancy test.

A judge finally lost patience with Catherine Haney, 39, who is to be sentenced for contempt of court for telling Donald Findlay QC he was "probably off somewhere singing The Sash".

Haney said she was five months pregnant but her claim was not supported in medical reports.

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She was given two weeks to provide the court with medical evidence of her pregnancy, but only visited the doctor the day before she was due back and claimed she was then told to return the following day.

At the High Court in Edinburgh Judge Hardie told her the court was "running out of patience" and ordered that she be remanded in custody for a test to be carried out.

Haney cannot be forced to take a test, but if she does not it can count against her. He said: "If there is no such information available at the next calling I will deal with the case on the basis that she is not pregnant."

Haney, of Alva, Clackmannanshire, was found in contempt after clashing with Mr Findlay while giving evidence in the murder trial of Donna Murphy, 49, in the High Court in Glasgow six weeks ago.

Mr Findlay appeared for Murphy and questioned Haney about her claims in evidence that while in Cornton Vale Prison together, she had heard Murphy admit to the attack.

He put it to her that she was a member of the notorious "Haney clan" and she replied: "A clan? I'm not wearing a kilt. I've got tracksuit bottoms on."

Haney then joked: "What would you know? You were not there. You were probably off somewhere singing The Sash."

Lord Hardie said Haney's remark was "extremely offensive" and added she had also adopted an argumentative approach and had repeatedly avoided questions. He said her behaviour was an "affront to the court" and ruled she was in contempt.

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Sentence was deferred for a social inquiry report. At the previous hearing Mr Mulgrew apologised on her behalf to the court but this was in contrast with the wave she gave to cameras outside.

Mr Findlay, one of Scotland's most high-profile defence lawyers, was forced to resign as vice-chairman of Rangers after being caught on video singing The Sash at a post-season party.

Big Mags, who was in court to see what happened to her daughter, was jailed for 12 years for drug dealing in 2003.

The family returned to court in April this year to see 19-year-old Jack Cramb jailed for life for the murder of Catherine Haney's son Barry Bradley, 18.

Murphy was convicted of the murder of Connor Mallon, 49, at a flat in Shettleston, Glasgow, in January last year. She repeatedly stamped and kicked him and struck him with a glass tumbler.

Lord Hardie jailed her for life.

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