Bid to trace owner of locket goes viral

A NURSE who found a mysterious love-heart locket has whipped up a social media storm to help trace its owners.
The locket contains two photos. Picture: HemediaThe locket contains two photos. Picture: Hemedia
The locket contains two photos. Picture: Hemedia

Caroline Melville, 50, discovered the golden piece of jewellery holding pictures of an unknown man and a baby in an Edinburgh street more than four years ago.

Now she has turned to Facebook to ask its millions of users to help her return it to its rightful owner.

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A post about the gold locket has already received an incredible 65,000 shares.

Ms Melville, a nurse from Armadale, West Lothian, found the locket on Old Dalkeith Road. The images inside the locket show a “handsome” man and a blonde baby whose identity is yet to be revealed.

She said: “If I lost something like that, it would be quite precious to me and I would want it back. It’s a sentimental thing. I think it should be back with its owner. Although these photographs are old, they are still quite clear.”

Ms Melville kept the piece in a jewellery box for the last four years until she decided to trace its rightful owner through social media.

“I was going to take it to the police all those years ago and I thought ‘it’s too sentimental and it might get lost in the lost and found’,” she said.

“Then I put it on Facebook.”

She failed to get a response when she first put the photo online but decided to repost it after gaining more friends on her social media site.

And the mother-of-four has received celebrity help after former Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Luisa Zissman shared her appeal on photo-sharing site Instagram.

The reality TV star and entrepreneur wrote: “Saw this and had to share it?”

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Ms Melville believes the locket’s rightful owner may be in their 60s as the piece looks to be around 40 to 50 years old.

She added: “People have shared it and it’s gone from pillar to post. The response is quite amazing. It just shows the power of social media.

“Although we haven’t found the owner it shows you how it can get everywhere within such a short space of time.

“I can remember as a wee girl thinking I would love a locket like that. I don’t think it’s worth a lot of money, it’s for the sentimental value.”