Bid to cure cat Leo and find him a new home

AN APPEAL has been launched to fund £2000 worth of treatment to save the life of a cat – and then find him a new owner.
Leo's owner is no longer able to look after himLeo's owner is no longer able to look after him
Leo's owner is no longer able to look after him

Loveable black-and-white moggy Leo needs the expensive operation to correct his overactive thyroid. When cured, he then needs to find a new home after his owner was forced to give him up following a car crash that meant they could not look after him.

Staff at West Lothian Cats Protection hope the playful puss can undergo specialist treatment with radioactive iodine at the Dick Vet in Edinburgh, becoming an inpatient at the unit’s hospital for about a week.

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They say the treatment will completely cure his problem – leaving him with no ongoing problems or need for medication – and are on the hunt for a new home for him.

A spokesman said Leo was a “well-loved cat” whose owner had contacted the branch with a “heavy heart” following a horrendous car accident that meant they were no longer able to care for him.

He said: “Leo has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, where his thyroid is overactive, and he needs veterinary attention. This treatment does not come cheap, and will cost approximately £2000 in total.

“Leo is a loving cat with a very gentle nature – he likes to play and loves to lie close to anybody who is willing to give him attention.

“He is quite talkative and likes to let you know when he arrives on the scene thinking that you have not spotted him and can be loud.

“He also has handsome pink paw pads and is an outdoor cat but does not venture far from sunbathing on the patio.”

Leo’s overactive thyroid has left him anxious and in need of constant food and drink – despite rapidly losing weight as a result of his condition. The Cats Protection appeal has raised £250 from 12 different donors so far to pay for his treatment, but the charity needs a further £1750 to reach its target.

Charity bosses said any extra funds raised would go towards helping “similar cats in need in the West Lothian and Edinburgh area”.

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On Saturday, May 24, West Lothian Cats Protection will hold an “Open Homing Day” at Newyearfield Community Centre in Hawk Brae, Livingston, giving people a chance to see many of the cats and kittens who are in its care.