Bi-Eck: Alex Salmond meets his lookalike

HE once complained that his work was drying up but it looks as if Alex Salmond’s lookalike could be in for a second wind.
Alex Salmond with lookalike John Macleod. Picture: Duncan BrownAlex Salmond with lookalike John Macleod. Picture: Duncan Brown
Alex Salmond with lookalike John Macleod. Picture: Duncan Brown

His subject, the former First Minister, announced this week that he was planning a return to frontline politics and would be contesting the Westminster seat of Gordon.

Today he met lookalike John MacLeod as he vowed that the SNP would not enter into a formal coalition with Labour following the general election in May 2015 and would consider backing Ed Miliband’s party on a case-by-case basis.

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Mr MacLeod, from Blackburn in Aberdeenshire, has found work hard to come by since Mr Salmond announced his intention to stand down following the Scottish independence referendum.

Mr MacLeod revealed previously that he was signed up by the Susan Scott Lookalikes agency due to his remarkable resemblance to the politician, and predicted a busy time for any Nicola Sturgeon lookalikes.

On his website profile, Mr MacLeod is labelled as lookalike, soundalike and ‘interactive’.

He said: “People would say ‘there’s Alex Salmond.’ I have the same face, and everything, same looks. I used to be a skinny lad, and I just put on weight.”

Mr Macleod said previously that he had not met the former First Minister before but that it would be “hilarious” if the two met.


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