Bar brawl 'like scene from a Western'

A BAR in the Capital turned into "a scene from a cowboy Western" when a drunk threw a bottle at the barman because he thought the man had been staring at him.

Mark Hay, 33, had been on a "bender" when he attacked barman Ross McLennan, in Carter's Bar in Morrison Street, Edinburgh, on 8 August last year.

Hay, of Orwell Terrace, Edinburgh, had admitted the assault at the city's Sheriff Court previously and sentence was deferred until yesterday for reports.

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Fiscal Depute Faith Currie told Sheriff Derrick McIntyre that at around 12:45am, Hay had gone into the bar, but left when he was told to stop being aggressive.

He returned half an hour later carrying a bottle and hurled it at Mr McLennan. The barman ducked and the bottle smashed a 120 spirits optic on the gantry.

Solicitor Advocate David Allan commented: "This was completely unacceptable drunken behaviour. He had been on a bender and took the view the barman had been staring at him."

He added: "It was more like a scene from a cowboy western."

Sheriff McIntyre gave Hay 150 hours' community service and told him to pay compensation of 120. He added: "If the bottle had hit the barman you would, very likely, have been going to prison."

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