Banker to appeal gag order change

LAWYERS representing the work colleague with whom former Royal Bank of Scotland chief Sir Fred Goodwin had an affair have filed an appeal against a High Court decision that although the media must not identify her they can give her job description.

The papers were filed with the Court of Appeal registry yesterday, shortly before the 4pm deadline for registering an appeal.

Mr Justice Tugendhat held on 9 June that while the woman - known as VBN in court papers - must remain anonymous, the media could disclose her "job description".

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Her lawyers argue that as she is the only person holding that job at the Royal Bank of Scotland, giving the job description will automatically enable people to identify her.

The judge made his decision following an application by News Group Newspapers, publisher of the Sun and the News of the World, for a variation in a gagging injunction.

Mr Justice Tugendhat said the purpose of the injunction "is not to keep a secret but to prevent intrusion and distress".

He said VBN's evidence was that she was a private person, with a family, and that publishing her name would be a very serious intrusion into her private and family life.