Baby Isabella born at exactly 11.11am on Armistice Day

HER parents could have been forgiven for calling her Poppy.

After all, Isabella Pirie’s arrival in the world occurred at precisely 11.11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, 2011.

But while her birthday of 11.11.11 was momentous for its timing, her delivery by Caesarean section at St John’s Hospital in Livingston was even more significant for her parents, Chris and Louisa Pirie, as the couple had recently suffered the heartbreak of a stillbirth.

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Isabella is now at home in Uphall, West Lothian, with her parents, blissfully unaware of her entry into the world.

Mrs Pirie’s original due date was November 24, but because the couple had suffered a stillbirth she was scheduled to be induced in her 38th week, arriving at hospital on November 9.

Mr Pirie, 31, said: “The baby was doing well, but Louisa was induced for a couple of days and then had a Caesarean section. I don’t know if the surgeon was trying to get the time deliberately, but it just so happened that she went into surgery about 10.30am and the wee one was born at 11.11am.

“I got called through at 11 o’clock and sat with Louisa while they did the surgery.

“We weren’t thinking about the time at first and they said she’d been born at 11 minutes past 11.

“The hospital were excellent – the staff were absolutely fabulous.”

The family arrived home on Sunday.

Mr Pirie, who is a police constable based at Corstorphine police station, said: “We had a bit of a sleepless night, but we’re just trying to get into a routine. She’s got thick black hair, so everyone’s always commenting on the hair. She’s a lovely wee thing, with wee chubby cheeks.

“A lot of people mentioned that she would maybe be born on the 11th, but we never thought about the time.”

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Mrs Pirie, 31, a former HR worker, said: “With the date we were given for the operation we knew it was going to be that morning, but there was that much happening that we didn’t realise the exact time.

“People have been quite surprised, saying she must be a special baby, so it’s attracted a lot of comment.”

The Piries were not the only ones celebrating a special 11/11/11 birthday.

Just up the road in Broxburn, the day was also marked by one-year-old Mirren Dalrymple and her family. Mirren was born at 11 minutes to one on the same day last year. She celebrated with a party on Sunday with parents Deborah and Bruce.