Audience sings the praises of stand-in stepping in to sing show show breach

IT'S the oldest motto in showbiz - the show must go on.

The classic stage clarion cry was tested to the limit at a Fringe show dogged by a real-life drama.

The Oxford Gargoyles, one of Britain's best a capella troupes, were thrown into turmoil when their star soprano Sin Morten went into anaphylactic shock - which often results in death - after taking co-codamol to combat a migraine.

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To ensure the show could continue, into the breach stepped her worried boyfriend Callum Au.

Unlike petite Sin though, he's a 6ft 2in tenor.

With no time for him to fit into the usual tuxedo, Callum took to the stage with his man-about-town beige suit. He also had to lumber his giant frame though the girls' chorus dancing parts.

Luckily, the Fringe audience at Chambers Street lapped up his plucky stand-in performance and cheered him to the rafters.

Sin, 21, a Jesus College music graduate from Liverpool, was taken to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary at 6am on Friday morning, just hours before she was set to star on stage.

She said: "It was quite scary, I was short of breath with stomach pain and vomiting. I When I got to hospital I had a pancreatic reaction as well and they put me on an IV.

"I knew I wasn't going to make the performance and I thought the show might be cancelled."

Sin's fellow singer and music student Genevieve Dawson, 20, from Gilmerton, said that despite being a little out of place the audience quickly warmed to Callum.

She said: "I have to admit he looked slightly out of place wearing this beige suit amid the tuxedos and being 6ft 2in and well-built, but we definitely made something of it.

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"I explained to the audience what had happened and they really played along with it.

"What I thought was going to be a total disaster turned out to be one of the best shows."

Callum, 20, from Blackpool, added: "I spent a few hours learning the songs from the book and then I was on stage.

"Let's just say at least the singing part went okay."

Miraculously, Sin was well enough to be back on stage on Saturday night, and promises not to make Callum take to the limelight again.

She said: "I'm just glad that it turned out okay and we didn't have to break the run."

The Oxford Gargoyles are performing at the C Venue at 3.45pm until August 30.

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