Asda Tain colleague gallops to the aid of local man’s horse

Asda Tain delivery driver, Samuel Evans came to the rescue of an escaped horse when he noticed it grazing at the side of a busy road.

Samuel, who has worked at Asda Tain since 2017, was driving down the major A9 road when he noticed a large horse grazing at the side of the verge, positioned dangerously close to the traffic.

He immediately knew something wasn’t right with the situation, and without hesitation pulled his van safely over to the side of the road to investigate.

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Samuel explained: “With the horse being so close to fast-moving traffic I knew I had to act fast. I was concerned for the animal’s safety as well as the threat to the drivers on the road. I didn’t think twice about it, I pulled in to see what I could do to help.

Asda Tain colleague, Samuel EvansAsda Tain colleague, Samuel Evans
Asda Tain colleague, Samuel Evans

“After looking around the area, I managed to locate the owner at a nearby house and alerted the gentleman that one of his horses was out on the road. He immediately came down to the roadside with some feed to try to get the horse back – the horse was 400 yards further down the road at this point – so I put my hazards on in the van and helped slow down the traffic while we coaxed the animal back to safety.

“Thankfully after a bit of encouragement, we managed to get the horse out of harm’s way and back safely with its owner, but it was a bit touch and go for a while! I was just happy to be able to help and am glad no harm came to the horse or any drivers on the road.”

Asda Tain Online Trading Manager, Tracey McPherson, who nominated Samuel for an Asda Service Hero award said:

“Anyone who knows Sam knows how unassuming he is - he had just mentioned what had happened when he was out on his deliveries, not looking for any praise of course - but I wanted to nominate him for a Service Hero award to recognise what he did for the man and his horse.

“The owner of the horse was so grateful, he called into the store to say thank you for the help and to praise how great Sam was in the situation – his kindness really meant a lot to the owner and the safety of the animal, so it was great to hear that feedback first-hand.

“We were so proud of how Sam reacted in the situation, he’s a great colleague and there is no doubt that he saved the man’s horse from potential harm. We need more people like Sam out there!”

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