Army challenge recruits fight soaring temperatures

Around 50 Army Reserve recruits battled blazing temperatures as they came to the end of a gruelling four-week training course.

Based in Edinburgh, the Exercise Summer Challenge is designed to give the recruits the experience of the realities of Army life, and includes challenges such as personal fitness, learning to handle and fire a rifle, first aid, navigational skills, marching, and how to live out in the field.

The recruits took part in a passing out parade in front of friends and family on Sunday, and are now fully trained soldiers.


Officer Commanding Exercise Summer Challenge, Major Brian Robson, said: “Members of the Army Reserve are ready and willing to volunteer and share the same risks as the regulars.


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“The recruits have been taking part in military skills training which concentrates on key soldiering skills such as fitness, handling and firing a weapon, foot drill, first aid, navigation, and living in the field.

“It is all about learning by doing, so the recruits have been taking part in a number of exercises that have tested them in realistic conditions. It is hard work, but they work as part of a team and are trained to encourage and support each other.”

He added: “The course develops teamwork, leadership, and personal improvement. It is also about learning how to take calculated risks and make decisions under pressure.”