Antisocial behaviour concerns could affect Burntisland development plans

Plans to regenerate the Lammerlaws area of Burntisland may have to be scaled back after recent youth anti-social behaviour in the town.
Burntisland - Fife -   Community Councillors George McLachlan and John Bruce at the Lammerlaws . Pics Fife Photo AgencyBurntisland - Fife -   Community Councillors George McLachlan and John Bruce at the Lammerlaws . Pics Fife Photo Agency
Burntisland - Fife - Community Councillors George McLachlan and John Bruce at the Lammerlaws . Pics Fife Photo Agency

The proposals to create disablity and buggy friendly footpaths giving more people access to scenic viewpoints, with extra car parking and a welcome area including information boards and a picnic area were proposed by Burntisland Community Council at the beginning of the year.

An exhibition outlining the plans, along with a consultation meeting and an online survey, have largely gone down well with residents in the town.

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However, following a recent spate of anti-social behaviour in the town, some residents in streets around the Lammerlaws say that putting in extra facilities such as benches and a picnic area could attract more youths to the area, creating a potential for more problems.

The new Lammerlaws information boardThe new Lammerlaws information board
The new Lammerlaws information board

And, although the community councillors behind the ideas for the Lammerlaws regeneration programme say they are still keen to press ahead with the proposals, they concede they may have to alter them to get the backing of those who have voiced their concerns.

“I can see why some people would have concerns, but this is more of a policing issue,” said George McLachlan, treasurer of the community council who came up with the plans.

“We still want to press ahead with the majority of the things we have proposed, but we may just have to pull back on a few points, although the majority of people would still like to see the area improved and better access for everyone.”

When the Press spoke to residents around the Lammerlaws the general consensus was that a balance had to be struck between maintaining the natural beauty of the Lammerlaws and allowing more people to use it.

One couple said they would be happy to see the paths improved, but questioned the need for a picnic area when there are already benches beside the Beacon which are not used very often.

“We would be happy to see access improved to let more people enjoy the natural beauty of the Lammerlaws, but there has to be a balance reached between that and spoiling its natural beauty by over developing it with lots of information boards and benches,” said one.

Another voiced their concern over providing a ready made meeting place for youths to congregate.

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“The recent trouble we saw could be made worse by putting in seating and giving then a focal point to meet at,” they said.

But another said it could have the opposite effect.

“The youths already meet up there because it’s a secluded area. They have to have somewhere to go, and I think if it is made a bit more accessible and there are more people were around then it would deter bad behaviour.”

Mr McLachlan said that once all the feedback has been collected the community council would start applying for funding from various sources to fund the work.

To give your views visit the Burntisland Community Council Facebook page and click on the Lammerlaws heading where the survey can be found.