Anger over Bute delivery charges

New figures show high parcel delivery surcharges in Argyll and Bute are continuing to be imposed by retailers in defiance of strong public concern and political campaigning.

Michael Russell MSP

Argyll and Bute MSP Michael Russell (SNP)said: “It is simply wrong that despite the hard work and efforts from MSPs, MPs, the media and members of the public backing the Fair Delivery Charges campaign, shoppers in Argyll and Bute are paying more this year on parcel delivery surcharges than last year.

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“Research commissioned by my colleague Richard Lochhead MSP shows that shoppers in Argyll and Bute were forced to spend £3.95 million in 2018 – up from £3.77m in 2017 – on parcel delivery surcharges simply because of where they live. Some will argue this is because more use is being made of online shopping, but that should have the effect of reducing delivery costs, not increasing them.

“Consumers in rural parts of Scotland such as those living across Argyll and Bute, rely on online shopping because of their geographical disadvantages and they should not have to put up with the incredibly high – and rising – surcharges that retailers impose.

“Whilst authorities are now starting to take action, a more urgent approach is now needed as the cost of surcharges is continuing to rise. The UK is responsible for regulating on this matter and Westminster needs to listen and act.”