American woman searches for mystery Scots man

SCOTTISH Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson has joined the ever-expanding list of people doing their bit to help an American woman track down her mystery Scots heartthrob after an appeal to find him was lodged on Facebook.
Tammy Contreraz. Picture: FacebookTammy Contreraz. Picture: Facebook
Tammy Contreraz. Picture: Facebook

The pair met briefly in Dublin on the day of the Ireland v Scotland match, but an immediate spark was enough to see 43-year old Tammy Contreraz give the kilted stranger her number.

Unfortunately, having only just arrived in Ireland, Tammy didn’t realise her phone had not yet been modified to receive international calls. She fears that her mystery fella’ tried the number after the game and the poor guy would have gotten no further than an error message, possibly prompting him to assume it was a fake number - hey, we’ve all been there (...right?).

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Tammy then took to Facebook in order to find the man she believes is either called Mike or Mick, and the story has since been picked up by the Daily Record.

Tammy said: “As I arrived outside the Palace Bar in a cab, there were just kilts everywhere – which is a rare sight for an American.

“As I was paying the driver, I saw two kilts outside, so I called to the men that they could have my cab.

“But as I then moved to the door, a hand reached out and helped me out the cab and I came face-to-face with this man who turned to me and said, ‘God, you’re beautiful’.

“I don’t usually react this way, but I became totally flustered and went weak at the knees and we stood there for what felt like forever. He spoke in such a thick Scottish accent, but I made his name out as Mike or Mick and then he said he wanted me to come to the game with him.

“I put my hands on his chest and said if I hadn’t been going to the whisky tasting I’d have gone with him.

“He insisted on taking my number and we agreed to meet up after the game, but it wasn’t until I arrived at the tasting that I realised I couldn’t yet accept international calls.”

She’s had plenty of support from social media, including Ms Davidson who tweeted about the story in the early hours of this morning.

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The tweet read: “Come on Twitter; let’s find Mike. Or Mick. Or whoever was bowling Tammy off her feet in Dublin with his ginger mate.”

Some cynics have wondered if the lack of a response from the mystery man is because he already has a wife or girlfriend back home, and the brief exchange could come back to haunt him.

Jim Hiddleston on the Daily Record Facebook page commented: “Bet every Mick or Mike that was at the game is getting the Spanish Inquisition at breakfast this morning.”

While Paul H on Twitter responded to Ms Davidson’s tweet by joking: “What goes on tour, stays on tour. Let it go ... please. Love, ‘Mike’”

Mike has been described as tall with red hair. If you can provide Tammy with any further information as to his whereabouts then send an email to [email protected].