'Ambitious transformation' for festival

Next year's Edinburgh International Film Festival will be an "ambitious transformation" on the current format, it has been announced.

Gavin Miller, CEO of Centre for the Moving Image (CMI) said there would be a "radical new approach to the image and structure" of the festival, as he announced that James Mullighan had been hired to produce next year's Festival, the blueprint of which has been shaped by Mark Cousins, Tilda Swinton and a wider artistic team yet to be announced.

The blueprint has the theme of "All That Heaven Allows", and may cease to have a competition section or prizes, instead focusing on inviting a team of guest curators to programme their own selection of films or contribute to special themed days within the Festival.

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Mr Miller said: "We live in a very fragmented and competitive space and so it becomes much more important to continually re-invent. I'm confident and excited with this blueprint that Mark Cousins has shaped, which will deliver a unique and distinctive festival."