Alreet man – Geordie accent is UK's sexiest

THE Geordie accent has been boosted by celebrities including Cheryl Cole to be voted the sexiest in the UK.

Research on different ways of speaking in British cities found Newcastle was the most appealing, followed by Edinburgh and then Belfast.

Pop singer Cole was concerned that her attempts to break the US would be held back because Americans would not be able to understand her "weird accent".

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But a poll of 5,000 people for Travelodge found that her accent was the sexiest in the UK. The top ten cities were: Newcastle, Edinburgh, Belfast, London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, York and Oxford.

Shakila Ahmed, a spokeswoman for the budget hotel chain, said: "No doubt the nation's sweetheart, Cheryl Cole, has certainly helped to place the Geordie accent as top of the UK's regional accents listing as we cannot get enough of her."

The least attractive accent was Birmingham, followed by Wolverhampton and Bradford. The rest of the top ten least appealing accents were Wakefield, Coventry, Cambridge, Hull, Sheffield, Swansea and Plymouth.