Allotment holders told to stop digging after war time devices found

Allotment holders in Silverburn Park have been asked not to cultivate their plots, after two inactive war time devices were discovered.

The allotments at Silverburn Park
The allotments at Silverburn Park

There have been two recent incidents of plot holders digging up devices, and on both occasions the Bomb Disposal Unit and Police Scotland were called out.

Fife Council, which runs the allotments, has arranged for a specialist company to carry out a site examination.

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While the local authority is not stopping allotment holders from accessing their plots, a letter sent out to the holders stated that this should only be for watering crops and no cultivating should take place before further details have been provided following the examination of the site by the specialist company.

Fife Council say that prior to the land being converted into allotments, a survey had been carried out on the site and test digs found nothing of concern.

Since then, the site has also been ploughed and rotovated with no items found.

Silverburn House, which was destroyed by a fire in April, housed Polish soldiers during World War II.

The soldiers were also trained on the grounds.