Alien 'spoke of crop circles'

A DOG walker claimed she met a man from another planet who said aliens were behind crop circles, the military UFO files show.

The anonymous woman telephoned RAF Wattisham in Suffolk in a state of distress to describe her out-of-this-world encounter the previous night.

A covering letter in the files notes, drily, that it is "one of our more unusual UFO reports".

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The woman told the operator at the base that the incident happened as she was walking her dog on a sports field close to her home near Norwich, at about 10.30pm on November 20, 1989.

She was approached by a man with a "Scandinavian-type accent", dressed in a light brown garment like a flying suit.

The report notes: "He asked if she was aware of stories about large circular flattened areas appearing in fields of wheat, and then went on to explain that he was from another planet similar to Earth, and that the circles had been caused by others like him who had travelled to Earth."

The woman said she was "completely terrified" and,

as she ran home, she heard a "loud buzzing noise" behind her and turned to see a large, glowing orange-white spherical object rise vertically from behind trees.

The RAF operator who took the statement from the woman said that the conversation lasted about an hour and described it as a "genuine call".

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