Alien Jesus cult ‘has secret Loch Ness base’

A GLOBAL cult who believe Jesus was an alien and the Star of Bethlehem a spaceship has a secret base on the banks of Loch Ness, it has been revealed.

Loch Ness as viewed from Inverfarigaig. Picture: Wiki Commons

The Aetherius Society, founded in 1955 by George King, is a UFO religion that came about as a result of what King described as ‘contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences’ or ‘Cosmic Masters’.

And a cottage on the eastern bank of Loch Ness is owned by the cult, where they apparently co-operate with the gods from space, according to the Herald.

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The property at Inverfarigaig, which has four bedrooms, is around 16 miles from Highland capital Inverness, and has its own private pier which members use to launch boats from.

According to members of the group, the loch is home to an energy centre which could be used to help mankind in times of crisis.

Director Mark Bennett said: “Beings from other planets are the cornerstone of our beliefs. They want to help us.

“I love Loch Ness. We believe it has a special significance.”

The group, headquartered in Fulham, has also confirmed that it purchased the cottage sometime in the 1970s.