Album review: Engineers - Three Fact Fader

ENGINEERSThree Fact Fader****Kscope, £12.72

Immaculately crafted and executed with great control, Engineers' sound is unassuming yet all consuming. Brighter As We Fall, Helped By Science and Hang Your Head are shaped by the guitar shimmer of the Cocteau Twins and anchoring vocal arrangements born of Teenage Fanclub, the Stone Roses and the best of Seventies American West Coast harmonising.

This is a proper album: take a deep breath, dive in and become completely immersed. Tunes like Crawl From The Wreckage and Emergency Room are urgent washes of sound, What Pushed Us Together, a euphoric, space-age Beach Boys without a wave in sight.

Download this: Brighter As We Fall, Sometimes I Realise