Airline exercise warning for long-haul travellers

MOST air travellers do little or no exercise on long-haul flights, according to a survey.

More than two in five do not drink enough water on lengthy air journeys, the poll by Thomson Airways found.

Based on responses from 1,264 adults, the survey found 70 per cent of long-haul passengers did little or no exercise while on board.

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As many as 41 per cent admitted to drinking only a little water, while 7 per cent drank none at all.

A total of 64 per cent who reached their destination at night said they struggled to fall asleep or took longer than usual.

Also, 32 per cent of passengers complained they suffered from a stuffy nose during long-haul flights, 15 per cent from dry skin and 14 per cent from chapped lips.

The survey came as Thomson launched a good flight guide aimed at helping passengers beat jet lag.