Adams 'unfit to be BBC presenter' after tweets telling Boris to 'p*** off'

KAYE Adams, the BBC broadcaster, has been accused of being unfit to present a top current affairs programmes after she tweeted that Boris Johnson "should p*** off back to boarding school".

The former presenter of Loose Women, the ITV talk show, who presents a popular Radio Scotland show, was on holiday in Tuscany when she made a series of expletive-filled Tweets about London's mayor. She has now apologised and deleted the comments from her Twitter site.

However, she was taken to task by Murdo Fraser, the deputy Scottish Conservative Leader, who said that as BBC journalists had a duty to remain politically impartial it was difficult to see how she could continue to present her daily current affairs programme. Ms Adams had tweeted in response to Boris Johnson's suggestion that rioters should face tough punishments. "P*** off back to boarding school, Boris," she wrote.

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Mr Fraser said: "Anybody who works for the BBC as presenter on current affairs programmes has to be objective and politically neutral across a whole range of issues if they are to retain their credibility. It is difficult to see how Kaye Adams can continue to present a current affairs programme in an objective manner when it is clear she holds such strong opinions."

A spokeswoman for BBC Scotland said: "Kaye is on holiday and we will be discussing the matter with her on her return."

Kaye Adams said: "I regret I caused any offence."