Aberdeenshire Council

Schools by region A-Z

Aboyne Academy

Bridgeview Rd, Aboyne, AB34 5JN

Tel: 01339 887722

Head: Raymond Jowett Roll: 645

Free school meals: 2.4 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.8pc

Extra-curricular activities: Range of sporting, musical, creative, competitive and other opportunities for pupils to learn new hobbies and skills or develop talents/interests.

Uniform/dress code: All pupils are expected to wear uniform of either a school sweatshirt or polo shirt and dark trousers.

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Community links: Pupils are involved in a range of activities, and the school building is also the local community centre and public library. Facilities shared with the community include a fully-equipped theatre, pool and other sports facilties.

Vocational education: Pupils have the opportunity to follow vocational courses in rural skills and engineering. These are delivered in partnership with Aberdeen College.

What qualities do you try to instil in pupils to take beyond their school years? We aim to foster the development of skills and qualities which will enable our pupils to become active, positive and effective citizens when they leave school.

Alford Academy

Murray Terrace, Alford, AB33 8TY

Tel: 01975 562251

Web: http://atschool.eduweb.co.uk/alford.ac

Head: Moira Milne Roll: 556

Free school meals: 2.4 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.3 pc

Extra-curricular activities: Sport (inc. rugby, football, netball, skiing, volleyball), music (orchestra, string group, pipe band, choir), drama club and film unit, foreign excursions (inc Malawi and Peru), Duke of Edinburgh, general leisure activities.

Uniform/dress code: School jumper with logo, white shirt, school tie, black trousers/skirt, black shoes

Community links: Numerous links with local businesses/ organisations, Community Learning and Development, Alford Rotary Club, National Cairngorms Park.

Vocational education:Rural Skills Scottish Progression Award at Intermediate 2 delivered in partnership with the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC)

Qualities: We instil in pupils ambition and drive, a desire to use their initiative and continue learning in whichever walk of life they follow, respect for themselves and others, integrity and compassion and pride in their school, community and country.

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Famous ex-pupils:Diahanne Gilbert , first British woman to lead successful expedition to top of Mount Everest.

Banchory Academy

Schoolhill, Banchory, AB31 5TQ

Tel: 01330 823357

Web: www.banchoryacademy.co.uk

Head: Sheila Di Maio Roll: 961

Motto: Ex intelligentia vires - from understanding comes strength

Free school meals: 3.5 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.8 pc

Extra-curricular activities: A broad range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities is on offer

Uniform/dress code: Yes. Burgundy sweatshirt with school crest, white polo shirt with school crest and black trousers or skirt.

Vocational education:Expanding provision through work experience, links with local employers and partnership with local FE college

Qualities: Respect for others, an enterprising approach to life, resilience, sound moral values, health promotion

Banff Academy

Bellevue Road, Banff, AB45 1BY

Tel: 01261 812591

Web: http://atschool.eduweb.co.uk/banff.ac

Head: David Dunn Roll: 1,083

Free school meals: 7.3 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 1.7 per cent

Extra-curricular activities: Wide range - including choirs, bands and orchestra, sports-related, Global Rock Challenge, engineers' club, Duke of Edinburgh Award, culture club, news team

Uniform/dress code: Black/white with Banff Academy logo

Community links: Close links with partners in Community Schools Network. Local charity fundraising. Collaboration with Princess Royal Sports and Community Trust

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Vocational education:Range of SQA Skills for Works in conjunction with Banff & Buchan FE College; Prince's Trust xL Club, ASDAN, certification

Qualities: Respect, Ambition

Famous ex-pupils:Donald Aiken, Scottish Widows; Des Bremner, European Cup-winning footballer; James Fleet, actor; Eoin Jess, footballer; Colin Newton, drummer – Idlewild; Jimmy Paterson, composer

Ellon Academy

Schoolhill, Ellon, AB41 9AX

Tel: 01358 720715

Web: www.ellonacademy.org.uk

Rector: Tim McKay Roll: 1,200

Free school meals: 2.6 per cent

Unauthorised absence:0.2 per cent

Motto: Fanam Extenditee Factis - extend your reputation by what you do

Extra-curricular activities: Include music, drama, sports, outdoor pursuits, debating, fantasy football league, dance, keep fit.

Uniform/dress code: White shirt and academy tie (S5/6): uniform or dress code garments (S1-S4).

Community links: Extensive. link with Community Learning Centre and primary schools. Community work is a major feature of the school programme and was recently highly praised in our HMIE Report

Vocational education:Skills for Work programmes in Construction and Childcare. Plans to extend this into Rural Skills, Hair and Beauty and Engineering next session

Qualities: All pupils are unique and can contribute to society; distributed leadership and responsibility is a key feature of our programme. Pupils often say the school prepares them well for their next learning steps.

Fraserburgh Academy

Dennyduff Rd, Fraserburgh, AB43 9NA

Tel: 01346 515771

Web: http://atschool.eduweb.co.uk/fraserburgh.ac

Acting head: John Noble Roll: 1,278

Free school meals: 6.2 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 2.2 per cent

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Extra-curricular activities: Rugby, football, badminton, choirs, Global Rock Challenge, swimming, Tai Chi, investment club, Young Consumers, fishing, netball, basketball.

Uniform/ dress code: Successfully introduced in last two years. Pupils can wear either uniform or clothing which complies with dress code agreed by school council.

Community links: Business Partnership with ESS, pupil place-ments, Junior Arts, sporting links, work experience, Parent Council.

Vocational education:Strong links with Banff & Buchan College including. Skills for Work, Progression and Pathways courses. Delivery both in school and College.

Qualities: Self-motivation, teamwork, consideration for others, plus awareness, focus, creativity, integrity, perseverance and service.

Famous ex-pupils:Peter Bruce, ESS Worldwide

The Gordon Schools

Castle Street, Huntly, AB54 4SE

Tel: 01466 79 2181

Web: www.gordonschools.aberdeenshire.sch.uk

Rector: Andrew Griffiths Roll: 859

Motto: In fas constans (steadfast or abiding)

Free school meals: 7.6 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.6 pc

Inverurie Academy

Jackson Street, Inverurie AB51 3PX

Tel: 01467 621655

Website: www.inverurieacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk


Acting Head: Graham Ritchie

Motto: Spiritus intus alit (the spirit within sustains)

Free school meals: 4.5 per cent

Unauthorised absence:1 per cent

Kemnay Academy

Bremner Way, Kemnay, AB51 5FW

Tel: 01467 643535

Web: www.kemnayacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk

Head: Dr Charles Hunter Roll:607

Free school meals:5.6 per cent

Unauthorised absence:1.4 per cent

Extra-curricular activities: Wide variety of house activity, musical groups, sporting competitions, junior football, netball, basketball, managed by Active Schools co-ordinator. Other activities include charity work, lunch club, art club, year book committee and non-sporting lunchtime or study groups.

Uniform/dress code: Green sweat-shirt/white polo shirt with Academy badge; black/navy/grey skirt/trousers; white shirt and tie.

Community links: Member of the Kemnay Community School Network of agencies with whom we work in partnership to support pupils and parents. We have a high profile and very successful Senior Charities Committee working with Grampian Police's Diced Cap charitable trust.

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Vocational education:We have strong links with Banff Buchan College and offer Skills for Work experiences for S3 and S4 pupils in partnership with the College.

Qualities: Individuals learn and develop through being valued and included, are motivated and inspired by learning and have a stake in the school progression. Their achieve-ments are an example to others.

Famous ex-pupils:Paul Lawrie, golfer; Darren Mackie, footballer

Mackie Academy

Slug Road, Stonehaven, AB39 3DF

Tel:01569 762071

W: www.mackie.aberdeenshire.sch.uk

Acting rector:Jennifer Macdonald


Free school meals: 4.8 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 1.6 per cent

Motto:Tendit in ardua virtus (strive against adversity).

Extra-curricular activities: Netball, athletics, rugby, volleyball, chess, badminton, big band, choirs, dance, concert band and orchestra, string and guitar ensembles, debating, public speaking, scripture union. Very strong record of fundraising; annual sponsored walk which in September 2007 raised 26,000 net, with 16000 donated to a breast ancer charity. Charity selected by pupils each year via consultation.

Uniform/dress code: There is a dress policy and every effort is made to ensure pupils adhere to it.

Community links: Strong links between eco group and local Community Environmental Group and local Rotary Club, with involvement in annual shoebox appeal for Eastern Europe. Pupils sponsored for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award Camps) and Challenge Enterprise.

Vocational education:The school has recently entered a business partnership with Nexen, a Canadian oil company with offices in Aberdeen. Strong programme of enterprise activities for each year group and school successful in enterprise competitions at local (education authority) and national levels to develop enterprise skills and raise awareness of the world of work. Programme of careers education delivered by guidance staff with input from careers adviser.

Qualities: The four capacities of A Curriculum for Excellence (see p2-3) are an appropriate summary – successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

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Famous ex-pupils:James Leslie Mitchell (Lewis Grassic Gibbon ) – author; Angus Roxburgh – BBC foreign correspondent; Alex Johnstone, MSP

Mearns Academy

Aberdeen Road, Laurencekirk, AB30 1ZJ

Tel: 01561 378817

W: www.mearns.aberdeenshire.sch.uk

Head: Ian Parkin School roll: 610

Motto: In Justice Secure

Free school meals: 5.24 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.8 pc

Extra-curricular activities: Wide range including the Charities Committee and Prefects system. A brief list of activities would include rugby and athletics; debating club; ski/snowboard trip; London Trip, French Exchange, Young Enterprise, plus a range of activities organised around house system including badminton, chess, football, etc

Uniform/dress code: White shirt, school tie, plain black or dark blue jersey/cardigan/sweatshirt, dark grey or black trousers/skirt.

Community links: Effective partnerships with local businesses, community learning, churches and Rotary Club. We also enjoy excellent working relationships with our associated primary schools and have a very active parents' council.

Vocational education:The academy is developing a range of Skills for Work courses and has a strong link with Angus College where S3-S5 pupils can pursue a range of vocational options. Through strong local links, a full programme of work experience/placements is available.

Qualities: We aspire to develop in pupils the values of honesty, respect for self and others – and integrity. A code of conduct, designed by the pupils, is based on the core idea of pupils' rights and responsibilites.

Mintlaw Academy

Station Rd, Mintlaw, Peterhead, AB42 5FN

Tel: 01771 622994

Website: www.mintlawacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk

Head: William McWhirr Roll: 863

Free school meals: 5.9 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 1.6 per cent

Peterhead Academy

Prince St, Peterhead, AB421SY

Tel: 01779 472231

Web: www.peterhead-academy.com

Head:Susan Alley Roll:1,352

Motto: A house built on rock

Free school meals: 6.7 per cent

Unauthorised absence:3.3 per cent

Portlethen Academy

Bruntland Road, Portlethen, AB12 4QL

Tel: 01224 782174

Web: www.portlethenacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk

Head:Albert Swinborn Roll:858

Free school meals: 3 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 2.4 pc

Extra-curricular activities: A wide range of sports and creative arts. International education is another strong feature.

Uniform/dress code: Uniform, incorporating school tie.

Community links: Very strong links with related services, agencies, community groups and parents including parent council.

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Vocational education: Work experience, FE College and industry partner – Maersk Oil UK

Qualities: The capacity to learn and make the most of their potential, personally and academically throughout life.

Turriff Academy

Victoria Terrace, Turriff, AB53 4EE

Tel: 01888 563216

Web: http://atschool.eduweb.co.uk/turriff.ac

Head:Donald Stewart Roll:770

Free school meals: 5.5 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 1.8 per cent

Westhill Academy

Hay's Way, Westhill, AB32 6XZ

Tel:01224 740111

Web: http://www.westhill-academy.net

Head: Derek A Thompson Roll:945

Free school meals: 0.6 per cent

Unauthorised absence:1.8 per cent