A helping hand from ERGoodCauses

ERGoodCauses has helped a local carer by part-funding a new special electric shower unit.

The shower has a built in “anti-scald” safety mechanism, to prevent the cared for, who suffers with Dementia, from scalding themselves whilst in the shower.

Russell Macmillan, founder of ERGoodCauses said: “As a Christian in our modern western society here in East Renfrewshire, where the welfare state and National Health Service provides some of the much-needed support, it can be difficult knowing how to love your neighbour in a practical way.

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“I believe you need the knowledge of need and solution to solve the need, from the trained and skilled frontline staff who are aware of the gaps in the system. So when this case came to us, it was the ideal way for us to show support and care for both the Carer and cared for, by giving a helping hand.”

“I think we have all heard of Dementia, but it came as quite a shock to me, when the worker applying for help, explained that the confusion associated with dementia, can lead to a person scalding themselves whilst having a shower. The solution was to install one of these anti -scald shower units at a cost of £400, where the family paid half and ERGoodCauses paid half.”

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To support the work of ERGoodCauses who operate on the well-known principle of “charity begins at home”, then please sign up to a monthly standing order by contacting Russell via email at [email protected] or phoning him on 07714293256.