9am briefing: weeping crowds wave farewell to Kim Jong Il

NORTH Korea’s next leader has led a funeral procession for his father Kim Jong Il through Pyongyang’s snow-covered streets.

Footage broadcast today on North Korea’s state television showed Kim Jong Un walking at the side of a sedan bearing the coffin of Kim Jong Il as it made its way slowly through a cold, grey Pyongyang.

Tens of thousands of mourners stood in the snow as the procession passed by. Soldiers stood with their heads bowed.

Kim died of a heart attack on December 17.

Yeti finger mystery solved with help from Edinburgh Zoo

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THE mystery of a “yeti” finger taken from Nepal half a century ago has been solved with the help of scientists at Edinburgh Zoo.

The mummified remains have been held since the 1950s. A DNA sample analysed by the zoo’s genetic expert Dr Rob Ogden has finally revealed the finger’s true origins - to be a human bone. The finger, which was said to be from a yeti, was taken from a Nepalese monastery by an American explorer in the 1950s.

University scientists develop cancer sensors

TINY sensors which monitor the health of cells have been developed by Edinburgh scientists in a move which could improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and degenerative illnesses.

The sensors - so small you could fit several of them into a single cell - measure the tiny electronic signals that keep cells functioning.

Experts at the University of Edinburgh’s school of chemistry, believe their sensors could help create a test to diagnose and monitor the progress of conditions such as macular degeneration, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

High winds warning from Scotland

THE Met Office has issued a warning about high winds, which are expected to hit the region today.

The amber warning covers much of central, southern and western Scotland, with gale or severe gale-force winds predicted, with speeds of up to 70 miles per hour.

Some travel disruption is expected and passengers are advised to check travel updates before setting off.

Poll shows support for ‘devo plus’

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THE majority of people from across the political spectrum believe Scotland should be responsible for raising most of the money it spends, according to research from an independent think-tank.

Reform Scotland has released data from its online opinion poll on a possible third option of “devolution plus” in a referendum on independence.

Asked if they thought the Scottish Parliament should be responsible for raising the majority of the money it spends, more than 86% of those questioned said yes.

The poll follows the publication earlier this year of the organisation’s proposals for a middle option in a referendum.