8 Sam Heughan

Actor, 22

Lives Glasgow.

Who he? Edinburgh theatre-goers will know him by his rather pert behind. Sam, who is still at RSAMD, starred in David Greig’s Outlying Islands, at the Traverse Theatre last summer, and the role required him to simulate sex in the buff. From Balmaclellan, in Dumfries and Galloway, he moved to Edinburgh at 14, and sneered at all things creative: "I didn’t want to be one of those arty nutcases." But after travelling for a few years in between studying, he realised acting was his calling.

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Conquests Enjoying bachelor life but says, "I’m willing to change the error of my ways."

Haunts Merchant City, or "that bar" next to the academy. You can also see him in Scrooge at the Citizens this Christmas.

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Pluses Um, there is the rather fine posterior mentioned earlier and, well, need we say more?

Minuses Always on the go and a real flirt. It’ll be hard to keep track of this one.

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Don’t say, "You’ve got great legs." Sam often strips people of their tights and puts them on himself. In public. Ahem.