13 fans arrested as police break up Celtic protest

POLICE arrested 13 people yesterday after breaking up a protest by the Green Brigade group of Celtic supporters.

Picture: TSPL

The group – a self-proclaimed “broad front of anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-sectarian Celtic supporters” – had organised the gathering to protest over fans receiving match bans and claims of police harassment.

About 200 officers were deployed to disperse the unauthorised march outside the Chrystal Bell pub in Glasgow’s Gallowgate about 1pm.

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Strathclyde police said the demonstration was an “illegal street procession”, with arrests made for alleged public order offences.

A police statement said: “The crowd were instructed that any procession on the road was illegal, but that officers would facilitate a safe and orderly procession on the pavements toward their intended destination at Celtic Park.

“However, this was ignored and more officers were deployed as the crowd became increasingly confrontational and aggressive.

“The situation was contained a short time later. CCTV and helicopter footage was captured and will be studied as part of the investigation.”