Study reveals top 50 most iconic hairstyles of all time

Elvis Presley’s quiff hairdo is the most iconic of all time, according to research.

A study of 2,000 adults saw the dark, slick-backed ‘do' worn by the singer during his rise to fame in the 1950s and 1960s come top of the poll with almost a third of the vote.

Second place went to ‘Back to Black’ singer Amy Winehouse’s famous beehive, followed by Bob Marley’s dreadlocks.

Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’ cut from the early years of Friends, Marilyn Monroe’s blonde curls and Star Wars’ Princess Leia’s ‘cinnamon buns’ also featured in the top 10.

Liam Gallagher’s thick, layered bob also scraped into the top 50 list, along with Russell Brand’s dark flyaway hair and Ed Sheeran’s messy look.

Former England and Manchester United footballer David Beckham even made two appearances in the top 50 thanks to his Mohawk style and his classic blonde curtains.

A spokesperson from Perfectil Hair Crush, which commissioned the study said: “Our hair is a huge part of our identity.

“Many may have a love/hate relationship with their hair, but as this research shows, a good style can be memorable for years to come.

“Some of these celebrities' hairstyles have been talking points for decades and even though many would now be considered dated, they are still considered iconic.

“We may not be able to live the lifestyles of our favourite celebrities, but by copying their hairstyles, we can at least do our bit to try and give ourselves a bit of reflected starlight.”

The study also found 41 per cent of Brits have been envious of a celeb’s hairstyle.

More than a quarter have tried to copy a celeb’s hair in the past, although just a fifth of them were told their effort resembled someone famous.

A quarter of women tried to copy Jennifer Aniston’s ‘The Rachel’, and 32 per cent of men have attempted David Beckham’s blonde curtains.

Almost two thirds of respondents admitted that having great hair improves their mood, saying compliments on their hairstyle makes them feel happy, uplifted and confident.

In fact, 69 per cent went as far to say a compliment on their hair has the power to ‘make their day’.

Almost three quarters also said having healthy hair is important to them, and more than half claiming that going to the hairdresser to sort out their style improves their mood.

And on a ‘good hair day’, when they feel their barnet is working for them, seven in 10 say their self-confidence improves.

But the typical Brit will have nine bad hair days a month, according to the research.

Some were so bad more than a quarter have called in sick to work, cancelled a night out with friends or cancelled a date because of the state of their hair.

The study also found that despite healthy hair being a top priority for the nation, three in 10 have no idea what is actually healthy or unhealthy for their locks.

Perfectil Hair Crush’s spokesperson added: “There is a lot of information out there about how to keep our bodies healthy in terms of diet and exercise.

“But there’s surprisingly little that tells us how to keep our hair looking its best, from washing it to having the right nutritional support.

"Perfectil Hair Crush gummies are an easy way to ensure your hair is being given a little extra love and some great nutritional support.

“The top celebrities from our list may have had a team working with them to make sure their hairdo was always looking its best, but it all starts from within.”

Top 50 most iconic hairstyles of all time

1. Elvis Presley - quiff2. Amy Winehouse - beehive3. Bob Marley - dreadlocks4. Jennifer Aniston - the 'Rachel' cut5. Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffany's beehive6. The Beatles - the Mop Top7. Marilyn Monroe - blonde curls8. John Travolta - Grease quiff9. Princess Leia - 'cinnamon buns'10. Farrah Fawcett - golden flicks11. Twiggy - elfin cropped cut12. Sinead O'Connor - shaved13. Princess Diana - feathered pageboy cut14. David Beckham - Mohawk15. Ariana Grande - long, straight ponytail16. David Beckham - blonde curtains17. Bo Derek - cornrows18. Britney Spears - 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' pigtails19. Diana Ross - afro20. James Dean - high top, tight sides21. Kevin Keegan - mullet22. Grace Jones - the flattop23. Kylie Minogue - 80s perm24. Whoopi Goldberg - dreadlocks25. Olivia Newton's John - blonde curls in Grease26. Mia Farrow - short pixie cut27. Brigitte Bardot - messy bedhead28. Eminem - bleach blonde short cut29. Kate Middleton - soft brunette curls30. Jacqueline Kennedy - bouffant31. Lady Gaga - big bow32. Halle Berry - pixie cut33. Ed Sheeran - messy look34. Julia Roberts - long voluminous curls35. Tina Turner - large straight haircut36. Vivienne Westwood - punk orange37. Leonardo DiCaprio - curtains as Jack in Titanic38. Kurt Cobain - messy, grungy look39. Victoria Beckham - the 'Pob'40. Harry Styles - messy style41. Emma Bunton 'Baby Spice' - blonde bunches42. Queen Elizabeth - tight, perfectly coiffed43. Emma Watson - Pixie cut44. Keith Flint - coloured spikes45. George Clooney - neat side parting46. Russell Brand - dark, flyaway hair47. Raquel Welch - big volume48. Holly Willoughby - sleek curls49. Dita Von Teese - burlesque glamour style50. Liam Gallagher - thick layered hair