One in six couples clash over home improvements

ONE in six couples (16%) clash over home improvements, says new research.

Dreams of a garden makeover, new bathroom or bedroom, central heating or other work quickly turn to nightmare rows over money.

Women are twice as likely as men to suggest the work in the first place, according to a survey of 2,000 people for Home Improvement window specialists Independent Network.

But it's blokes who are lumbered with getting the quotes. Seven out of 10 said the task fell to them and in many cases they then have to take the flak for not driving a hard enough bargain.

Two thirds of the women quizzed (65%) say it was them who came up with the idea of doing the work, rather than their other half.

Only one third (33%) say it was their partner or spouse.

Men are far more likely to dig their heels in, insisting they don't want to splash the cash (12% of men compared with 7% of women).

Little wonder then that half of couples said they found home improvements a stressful experience and even when the job's completed, the trouble doesn't necessarily end.

More than half of both men and women (53%) said they regretted not shopping around for more quotes, and reckoned they could have got the same quality job done for less.

One in three (33%) played the blame game, saying it was their partner's fault.

Karen Lund, of Independent Network, said: 'We all know that home improvements can be disruptive, but we didn't realise quite what the emotional impact could be.

'It seems women are more interested in attaining perfection, and men would rather not deal with the hassle.

'The network prides itself on its levels of service and workmanship when carrying out installations. The members are all experts in their field with years of experience and can help to take the worry out of the decision making process. They take time to talk through the options and build trust with customers and the 97% customer satisfaction rating is testament to this.'

The survey also found that recommendations were the most popular way of finding a contractor (36%) compared with quotes (28%).

Most of those who did get quotes (68%) said they got at least three before deciding.

A new bathroom was the most popular improvement (37%), closely followed by a garden makeover, new kitchen, central heating and double glazing.

Almost one couple in three (28%) said they did the work themselves.

OnePoll surveyed 2,000 people between 19 and 26 April 2018.