How the “miracle” of hearing changed the life of retired lawyer

Retired lawyer Hilary shares her story of how turning to hearing and ear care specialists at House of Hearing changed her life.

Hilary’s hearing loss began subtly, as she noticed she was struggling to hear  conversations and was needing to turn up the volume on the television and radio more and more . With hearing loss running in her family, it wasn’t a big shock, but struggling to hear clearly in her professional environment brought the reality to the forefront.

“I remember feeling embarrassed. At the time I was a lawyer involved in law reform. Sitting in committees and struggling to hear the other members made me want to take action.”



Her initial challenge with hearing loss marked the beginning of her quest for a solution, a journey that would ultimately lead her to House of Hearing in Edinburgh.

She adds: “I originally went to my GP and through the NHS system for audiology. It took me six months to get used to wearing the NHS hearing aids, but it became very hard because my original aids seemed simply to turn the volume of everything up.

“After some time, I felt like my hearing was getting worse and was finding all sound, including background noise, too loud. During this time, it was really beginning to affect my mental health. My own voice sounded magnified and background noise sounded over-magnified. Yet I still couldn’t hear ordinary conversation well. I was told that if these hearing aids didn’t work I would need much bigger hearing aids, which I didn’t want. (I am told that NHS hearing aids have got better, but at that time they really were not working for me.)”


“I asked the audiologists if going private would be better and they said no. However several people I knew had recommended that I go to House of Hearing for an assessment – and I honestly couldn’t believe the difference.

“I was tested by Conor in 2019 and he is still my audiologist today. I remember leaving feeling like my hearing had been cured. It felt like a miracle, I couldn’t believe it.

“In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, going to concerts, films and theatre, all of which are helped by clear hearing. Recently in the crowded bar after a concert my non-hearing disabled friend was having more difficulty with the background noise than me!”

In her pursuit of better hearing, Hilary, aged 75, has recently upgraded to the Oticon Intent, a groundbreaking advancement in hearing aid technology. This leap in technology has not only improved her ability to engage in conversations but also enriched her enjoyment of music, theatre and social gatherings.

She said: “The new Oticon Intent hearing aids have been wonderful. Speech has instantly seemed so much clearer. When I meet people, I can hear them with no trouble and the background noise is at what I would say is a normal level."

"They are very comfortable to wear and importantly, my own voice sounds completely natural. With the new connectivity features, I am able to take phone calls through my hearing aids easily, and stream music and radio directly to my ears using Bluetooth technology. I can now watch television without subtitles!"

“I was recently at a party and someone I met couldn’t believe that I had a hearing loss because I was having such a natural conversation with them.”

Beyond the technological marvels of the Oticon Intent, Hilary’s story is also a testament to the personalised care and commitment of the House of Hearing. From the moment she stepped into their clinic, she felt assured and supported, a sentiment that has only grown stronger over the years.

She says: “I absolutely recommend House of Hearing. The level of service and aftercare is brilliant. Everyone’s hearing needs are different and a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not work. Nothing is too much trouble for my audiologist, who works hard to make sure that my aids are just right for me.”

Today, Hilary lives a life unencumbered by the isolating effects of hearing loss. With the support of her husband and her confidence and companionship dog, a former trainee hearing dog with a unique story of his own, she continues to volunteer and pursue her interests with renewed enjoyment. Hilary’s journey with the House of Hearing and the Oticon Intent hearing aids stands as an inspiring reminder of the profound impact of compassionate care and innovative technology in overcoming the challenges of hearing loss.

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