Watch: Saturday Night Live sends up Theresa May with a little help from Kit Harington

US comedy show Saturday Night Live has made light of Theresa May’s Brexit woes.
Theresa May. Picture: PATheresa May. Picture: PA
Theresa May. Picture: PA

Everything goes wrong for the Prime Minister in the TV sketch, with children giving her the thumbs down as they pass her in the street.

She gets a kiss on the lips from Winston Churchill, played by Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington, just before the finale.

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In one scene, Mrs May, played by Kate McKinnon, sits down to eat fish and chips in a park but a bird overhead defecates on her food.

In others, the Prime Minister is splashed with muddy water from a puddle by a passing taxi and is seen dancing in a body suit.

And when she types “Theresa May Fans” into Google, she gets “0 results”.

After sharing a passionate kiss with cigar-smoking Churchill, she walks into Parliament, where Jeremy Corbyn informs her to raucous applause that she has “solved Brexit”.

But she wakes up to discover that his words were just a dream.

Harington was joined by several Game Of Thrones co-stars as he hosted Saturday Night Live ahead of the premiere of the show’s final season.