Under the Radar: Slime City

Veteran readers of this column will recall our extreme enthusiasm for the band We Are The Physics. The Glasgow-four piece, who boasted three members called Michael, released two great albums over five years and then declared an indefinite hiatus in 2013.
Slime CitySlime City
Slime City

So it was with great pleasure that a few months ago we heard on Vic Galloway’s radio show a song called Less Jools More Top Of The Pops, which sounded suspiciously reminiscent of our old favourites. It transpired that the three Michaels have decided to strike out alone, rebranding as Slime City but still displaying the characteristic genius of before.

Their latest single, Dial-Up Internet Is The Purest Internet, came out in the middle of the month and saw the trio embark on a mini-tour of the UK. We look forward to more releases later in the year from Version 2.0 of our new favourite band. For more information, visit www.slime-city.com

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